For decades, Smolders Tool Works, better known as STW, has been the leading distributer of the most advanced products to the tube, plastic, petrochemical, ball bearing,
automible and semi-conductor industries. STW design, develops, modernizes and advises, as required,for already existing parts and
machines, as well as designs and creates new products and
machines for our customers, from smallest to largest, we can
produce any size or quantity that our clients require.

STW is also a full service company that can oversee and carry out complete projects. Our advisors will come to you to see that your specific need are. We will then sit down with you and work out the solutions to suit your needs. We also provide an in house
specialist in sutainable energy technology that can advise and
assess how smal changes might significantly lower your energy output, allowing further saving to your company.

STW is known for optimal price to quality ratio and can be your partner in improving production succes.


                               “Your problem is ours to solve”


Injection molding plate for plastic industry

This die-plate is used in the plastic industry.We are constantly improving and redeveloping these products for their application in a wider range of industries.We have recently developed a means toe extensively reduce freeze-off.Together with our team we can discuss possibilities and innovation for applications customized to client needs.

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