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The services provided by STW are unlimited.We fill all orders, whether stock or custom designed, within your schedule

We use various operations such as milling, turning, hardening, plasma nitriding and wire EDM.
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STW specializes in wire EDM and various materials primarily used for components having virtually no tolerance.

STW designs and manufactures specialty parts including cutting units,terminal blocks/cutters, worm wheels and templates.

Worm and Worm wheel

wormwielwormwielen leverancierwormwielen ontwikkeling

A worm and worm wheel consist of two two-toothed wheels of which the direction of the axis of one is perpendicular to the axis of the other

Terminal blocks and knives


This type of clamping system is applied to produce original formed tubes.These can be shortened to any specified size using various knives.We offer these knives in a variety of sizes.

Knife head


STW has designed an innovative system of self-reflexive blades for the plastics industry that allows for the cutting of any extruded material. Customers have experienced an average 75% reduction in their annual stop rate. The system causes the blades to
continualy reposition themselves for the optimal cutting angle
giving the additional benefit of extended stand time. STW is
continuing further development of advanced knife head systems.

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STW also provides project support to:.

We provide full support for various projects throughout a range of industries. Clients use our expertise in innovating products and simplifying the production process.

With years of experience, we have an extensive knowledge of our field.

Our goal is to make the highest quality products that meet your needs while staying within your budget and delivery time


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